The flu has arrived in Austin

Please remember if your child has been diagnosed with the flu to consult with your child’s pediatrician to determine the child’s return to school date. Persistent symptoms like excessive coughing and sneezing, which spread germs, even without fever may still warrant the child staying home from school.   

AISD return to school policy for all illnesses is: 

·         Students must be fever free 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medication, before returning to school.  DO NOT give fever-reducing medication in the morning and send your child to school. Your child may still be sick and could cause others to become ill. 

·         Students with temperatures greater than 99.9 must be picked up from school. 

·         Students must be free from symptoms of viral gastroenteritis (diarrhea, loose, watery stools, vomiting) for 24 hours, without the use of anti-diarrheal medication, before returning to school.  Students with symptoms while at school may be sent home.