Math Pentathlon Club is at capacity for the number of coaches who have volunteered.
If you are interested in coaching, please contact



Math Pentathlon is an after-school math games club for learning and playing strategy games that exercise different math skills. Kids gain confidence with math concepts in a friendly, social atmosphere and have the opportunity to compete against students from other schools in a tournament this Spring.


Based on a curriculum from the Math Pentathlon Institute, the program consists of interactive problem-solving games that strengthen basic math concepts, develop problem-solving skills, and encourage good sportsmanship. The games are more like checkers and dominoes than math fact drills.  Regular Season club meetings (Oct – Jan) focus on teaching the games.  From Feb – April, those registering for the city-wide tournament will continue weekly practice to focus on developing strategy. See for more information.


The games and learning activities are designed for kids of all math abilities and all grade levels. Students are divided into three divisions: K-1 (Division 1), grades 2-3 (Division 2), and grades 4-5 (Division 3). There is a set of five, age appropriate strategy games for each division. Under the supervision of adult volunteers, groups of 2-4 students learn each game in a cooperative manner through a progression of simplified rules and activities.  Math Pentathlon games promote creative thinking and instill a positive attitude towards math, and the group learning environment encourages sportsmanship and communication skills.  


Condensed rules sheets for each game are linked below:

Division I

Division II

Division III





  • Wednesdays 3:00 pm – 3:45 pm.
  • Semesters:  Regular Session (all enrollees): October 9 – January 29
    • Specific Dates:   October 9, 16, 23, 30;   Nov 6, 13, 20;   Dec 4, 11, 18;   Jan 15, 22, 29
  • Tournament Preparation (for those attending): Begins the first Wed in February and runs through the tournament date:
  • 2020 Tournaments Dates:   TBD


Nuts and Bolts: 

  • Coaches will help Kindergarten students get from their normal classroom to the club meeting room.
  • Parent coach(es) lead the meetings and teach the games.  Parent occasional-volunteers assist with game setup, game play for odd-student-out, and classroom management
  • Parents must arrange for pickup promptly at 3:45 from the club classroom
  • At 10 minutes past pickup time, students will be taken to the office to call you or your emergency contact.
  • Hill Agreements are expected to be followed during club sessions.
  • Membership may be revoked for repeated misbehavior or late pickups


Cost: $29.99 per family for any number of family members.  Scholarships are available


Questions?   Please contact



This is a club completely run by volunteer parents at Hill. The number of student participants is limited to the number of coaches we have in a given year. Volunteer commitment is required at least one time per semester (Fall/Spring). Training and recommended lesson plans are provided to coaches and volunteers

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