What an amazing year Dillos! This year was so fun and so many memories were made! Thank you to all our Teachers, Staff and Dillos for showing up, working hard and giving it your Dillo Best EVERYDAY!.  Thank you to all of our Hill Community – Parents, Caregivers, PTA Members, PTA Executive Board Members, Committee Chairs, Volunteers and Contributors. Our school and PTA is successful because of YOU!  A big Dillo…

This year we say good-bye to 4th grade teacher Krista Davis. After 27 years with AISD, 18 of which were at Hill, she is retiring. What an amazing accomplishment! We thank her for the many years she dedicated to educating the children in our community, and wish her the best with this next chapter in her life.

Calling all green thumbs and plant lovers. Our garden is going to be a bit thirsty when school is out and we could use your help. Can you volunteer a few minutes from your morning to do a little watering? It’s low commitment, gives you a chance to commune with nature, AND you can harvest whatever catches your eye. The sign-up form is HERE.  Thank you! 

Our online school supply store is officially open for the 2024-2025 school year.  Skip the trip to the store and get your teacher requested supplies delivered directly to the classroom.  Ordering couldn’t be easier.  Just go to www.sproutsupplies.com and enter school code HES003.  When you order online you are also raising funds for Hill Elementary.  Check out the Sprout School Supply flyer here and check out the school-wide supply list here.

School might be over, but reading doesn’t have to be. Learn something new, escape to far away lands, insert yourself into an adventure… all without leaving Austin (maybe not even your house). Click HERE for information (in both English and Spanish) on summer reading options and resources from AISD.

As you leave the classroom for the summer, remember 4 th of July is coming! Time for the NWACA Fourth of July Parade and Freedom Fest! This year, the parade route starts near Hill Elementary and ends at Anderson High School’s north parking lot. Some will be walking to the parade route, but you may want to use your bike or scooter or trike – or maybe your family will drive…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Hill faculty and staff celebrating birthdays this month! We are grateful for you and wish you the best! 6/4 Rebecca Gilbreath 6/6 Tyler Shaw 6/7 Katherine Laxton 6/10 Jeanine DiVincenzo-Smith 6/16 Sally Armstrong 6/16 Naomi Haynes 6/19 Ron Beck

The last day of school is this Thursday! If you have not yet done so, please ensure you turn in your device and/or library books tomorrow to your teacher as the deadline is passed if it is applicable to you. Thank you all for another great school year, and have a wonderful summer!