The Homeroom parent serves as the main point of contact for the classroom. This is a great way to get to know the teacher, students, and other parents.
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**All Homeroom parents must attend an Orientation every year and General volunteers who have not attended the AISD mandated Volunteer Training any time before, must attend this year. Once General training is completed, there is no need to complete training in the future at Hill**


Check back for 2020-2021 school year training dates


The meetings will last about an hour. The AISD portion of the training will begin both meetings, followed by the Homeroom Parent Orientation.
For questions, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at


Homeroom Parent Duties include:

  • Volunteer recruitment for the Hill Country Carnival
  • Winter Holiday party planning
  • Valentine’s Day party planning
  • Chaperone recruitment for field trips
  • Teacher Appreciation Week celebration and end-of-year gift

Every class should have at least two Homeroom Parents.

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