Click here for for the most up to date Arrival and Dismissal procedures for Hill students.


Arrival Procedures beginning October 5, 2020:
•Morning Health Screenings: 7:30a-8:00a
•There will be three screening stations for anyone entering a building:
1.Main Entrance is for car line drop off
2.North Portico (car line pickup area) is for walkers
3.Rear Entrance is for bus riders
*Students/Parents who do not pass the health screening due to symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to return home for the safety of all.


Dismissal Procedures beginning October 5, 2020:
Hill staff are committed to a safe dismissal while avoiding students coming into direct contact with each other from their classroom to their parent/guardian. Hill dismissal will use the following procedure:
Car Line Pickup: All Hill families will be assigned a number to display boldly in their passenger windows as they pull into the drive. Hill staff will utilize technology to mark vehicle numbers as here, signaling for teachers to dismiss students to the north portico area. Staff will assist in students going to the correct vehicles.
Walk-Up Dismissal: Families parking to meet their students will queue at the front doors and we will utilize the same process as the car line. Parents will present/say their number and students will meet families at the front doors. The queue should follow our morning procedure and bend south down the sidewalk (staff will support this).
Busses: Students riding busses will be picked up from each class and brought (distanced in line) to their correct busses. Bus drivers will then seat students appropriately.
*We do anticipate this being a slow process, especially as we roll out these procedures for the very first time. The plan will evolve as needed. Thank you for understanding that safety is our priority over speed!

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