Welcome new and returning students and families! As we head into the new school year at Hill Elementary, we are doing so with a larger school population than ever.  Overcrowding has led to increased auto and pedestrian traffic around the school during drop-off and pick-up—increasing the risk for traffic accidents and unsafe conditions for pedestrians.


School begins at 7:35 with morning assembly in the cafeteria. Please be sure your child is on time to school.

The best and safest ways to get your kids to school are to use the bus, car line, or walking school bus.  All of these keep kids off the streets and reduce automobile traffic.

  • Bus: Have your children get on the morning bus, and then move on with your day. No-fuss and no traffic. See below for bus information.
  • Carline: The most convenient way to drop your children. The school car line wraps around Tallwood to Cima Serena to Robbie. Drop off either on Cima Serena or at the school entrance. All drop-off points and entrances monitored by school staff. Click here to view the traffic map for the carline.
  • Walking School Bus: Drop off your children at the Hillcrest Baptist Church any time by 7:15 to take advantage of this supervised and super-fun way for your kids to get to school. ** The walking school bus doesn’t meet on days when it is raining or when the temperature is under 32 degrees.  


School is dismissed at 3:00 PM. The front doors of the school will be unlocked at that time to allow parents to come in to meet their children in the GYM for pick-up. THE GYM ENTRANCE FOR PARENT PICK UP IS DOWN THE HALLWAY THAT EXITS TO PLAYGROUND.

The gym door behind the yellow brick wall is for EXIT ONLY.

As a Reminder:

Safety Patrol and staff members are on duty until 3:15 PM. After that time, students will be escorted into the building for safety, and you must park and pick up your children in the school office.

Early Pick-up

If possible, send a note to your child’s teacher indicating the time you will be picking up your child. An explanation of the reason for leaving is essential for attendance purposes. In many cases, and early pick-up counts as a “tardy” for the District.

When you arrive at school, report directly to the office to officially sign your child out. Be sure to bring your driver’s license with you.

Bus Information

To find your bus stop and schedule, visit AISD’s Bus Stop Finder tool.

If your bus is late in the morning or afternoon, or you have a question about your bus, please call AISD Transportation at 512-414-6520. The Operator will radio the bus driver with the question. You will need the appropriate bus number associated with your bus animal:

Bee  1510

Fish  1515

Rabbit  1513 (PM)

Butterfly  1512

Lion  1601

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