Hill Elementary Sprout School Supply Sale for 2018-19

You can save time and money driving from store-to-store and “go green” by ordering online this year. Your child’s supply kit includes the exact teacher requested supplies and is delivered to your child’s classroom!

Ordering Instructions:
1. Log onto www.sproutsupplies.com/supplykits and enter HES003
2. Select the appropriate grade pack. Be sure to choose next year’s grade level.
3. Pay with a debit or credit card. You will receive an email confirmation once you purchase your child’s kit.
4. Order deadline is July 17th.
5. Every kit includes all the exact teacher requested supplies, viewable online.

All parents purchasing supplies on the open market are asked to buy 1 additional box of Kleenex for Essential Area Teachers—turn the box in to your home room teacher for distribution. Also, at some grade levels all supplies are pooled together for the use of all students. Please purchase generic supplies as listed on this sheet.

ALL students need 1 set of headphones/earbuds (headphones only for K and below), standard, with 3.5 mm plug and a plastic bag for storage (for computer lab).  If you already have headphones/earbuds you may use them for next school year, but they need to be left at school.  Headphones and/or earbuds are included with K, 3rd and 5th grade Sprouts school supply kits.  Replacement and additional headphones may be purchased through the PTA for $5.00.

Click here to download a PDF of the school supplies list.

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