School Funding Reform Series

  • Texas spends $4041 less per student each year than the national average.
  • Texas would have to invest $21.8 billion dollars more each year just to be “average.”
  • Texas has 5.4 million public school students, more than 10% of all our country’s students.

What do we want from our state leaders?

  1. Increase overall public education spending to meet student needs,
    provide valuable programs, and attract and retain quality teachers.

  2. State should pay its share to fund public schools,
    and give back to 50% state share.

  3. Guarantee that money raised for education
    is used only for education.

Rally Day – Take responsibility for the future of YOUR Child(rens) education!

  1. Rally on the Capitol Steps 11:30am – 12pm – The most important part to show up for.  Show our power in numbers and demand change for public education.

  2. Hear from legislators: 9:30am – 11:10am – Join the Priorities Caucus and hear presentation from legislators on several of Texas PTA’s legislative priorities, w/ Q&A.  Arrive early to get seating! Optional: Meet at House Park at 8am to walk with others from AISD to Priorities Caucus at First united Methodist Church (1201 Lavaca St).

  3. Meet with legislators: 1:30pm meet up; Visits start at 2pm – Team up with ACPTA Advocacy Ambassadors assigned to your house or senate representatives.  There will be some scheduled meetings and some drop ins to specified legislators. Details and team assignments to be shared along with talking point during briefing the starts at 1:30pm in Capitol Bigh, Members Lounge – Ex E2.1002.  Plan to stay through 3-4pm in you are available. To participate, email your name and school / PTA to

If you are interested in attending or carpooling – email