Hill Writing Challenge

This week we introduced our second Hill Writing Challenge of the year to all Hill students. Handouts for the challenge should have gone home earlier in the week with your child. The prompt for the challenge is “How do you promote peace in our school, our community and our world?” Our goal is for students to reflect on what they can do to create peace in their world, while also practicing a more expository form of writing that is crucial as our students advance. Thank you for encouraging your student(s) to take part in this awesome showcase opportunity. All writing will be read by Hill administration. Every student who participates will receive a prize, with some showcase papers being posted for the community to read at school. More specific information is present on the handout that went home. Extra copies are available in the office and a drop off box for completed Writing Challenge papers is now set up. The challenge ends March 9th. For more specific questions, feel free to email Mr. Drummond at jack.drummond@austinisd.org. We can’t wait to read about how our Dillos are going to promote peace in our world!
Beth Newton