Grade Level FB Groups

Every grade level has a parent-led Facebook group for families to connect, ask/answer questions, and share information.  These groups are not monitored by Hill Elementary or Hill PTA, but lots of great PTA-related information is shared by the parent moderators.  Here are the links and moderators if you’d like to join:

2023-2024 PreK Dillos (Erin Knight)
2023-2024 Kindergarten Dillos (Katelyn Cassidy & Runi Limary)
2023-2024 First Grade Dillos (Goldyn Daupin)
2023-2024 Dillo Second graders – Hill Elementary (Margaret Lood & Vinitha Chintala)
2023-2024 Third Grade Dillos (Ira Brockman)
2023-2024 4th grade Dillos (Jessica Patiño)
2023-2024 Fifth Grade Dillos (Ashley Perraud)