From Mr. Drummond

Dear Hill Community,

We want to highlight all of you who do everything you can each day to create a safe route to school for our students. We had several meetings with community members, the city, and AISD Police recently to talk about traffic and safety in our area. Here are some reminders we need EVERYONE to be mindful of:

  • It is illegal to turn left into our Hill car line. The only way to enter is by turning right onto Tallwood from Cima Serena, then turning right into the school drive. If traffic is your concern, please leave earlier. There is a sign stating you are breaking the law when doing this.
  • Please be mindful of your speed and respect our hard working crossing guards. They deserve our gratitude. You can show this by following their direction and being very diligent with your speed around the school.
  • We currently and will continue to have some increased patrols from AISD Police to monitor our area. Let’s show them we are responsible by following the law at all times.

Check out the December Counselor Newsletter to see how Ms. Curran and Ms. Winfrey are supporting our students this month.

Also, join us for our Hill Caregiver Book Study beginning in January! You can click here for the information you need. The book is titled “Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be” by Dr. Becky Kennedy. We hope you will consider taking part.

The Cap 10K is in April, and Hill has a team you can sign your student up for. Let’s get our students outside for this great event. You can click here to sign up for the Hill Elementary Team. Parents/guardians should plan to participate with their children or have a plan for safety. More to come!

And don’t forget that you can recognize a Hill employee by sharing an Honor Story. Thank you for considering a shout out that goes a long way!

Have a nice night, everyone.

Principal Drummond