Are you thinking of joining band in 6th grade?

You have SO much to look forward to! We are thrilled to have you in our Murchison Matador Band and Anderson Trojan Band feeder system and we want to invite you to our upcoming band carnival ‘Anderson City Limits’ on April 23. This is a fun band festival right here for our bands, featuring student groups on all the instruments, the jazz bands and the dance guard!  If you want to get a taste for what is coming up (scope out your FAVORITE instruments) and enjoy some great live music and food come on out!
Who:  Students from the Murchison and Anderson Band Programs
What:  A ‘band carnival and showcase’
When:  Tuesday, April 23 at Anderson High School Courtyard – performances start at 6pm and go continuously until 8pm
Delicious tacos will be for sale from the Anderson Food Truck and Amazing raffle items are up for grabs!  There is no entry fee – just come enjoy the great music and eat great food!!!  If you are interested in purchasing tacos or raffle tickets you can visit us online at