All Week — Special Education Appreciation!

This week, December 4th – 8th, is Special Education Appreciation Week. Please join us in celebrating these outstanding educators and specialists! You’re invited to bring handmade cards, heartfelt crafts, yummy lunches, tasty treats, or anything else that says “we appreciate you!” Hill PTA will be giving each of them a gift card. Reach out to April Beaty with any questions at To see the Staff Appreciation Calendar for the entire school year, CLICK HERE. Thank you Dillo families for recognizing these amazing individuals!

RESOURCE TEACHERS: Charlotte Williams, Greg Lewis, Marci Adkinson, Veronica Wood. SCORES TEACHERS: Jenny Burke, Ron Beck. ECSE TEACHERS: Ben Layer, Suzanna Schnars. TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Angela Stamps – ECSE, Clarissa Compean – SpEd, Lisa Nguyen – SpEd, Maritza Martinez – SpEd, Robert Antu – SpEd, Karyn Vass – ECSE.

SPECIALISTS: Colleen McAllister – Dyslexia, Maddie Brooks – Dyslexia, Brenda Ramirez – Reading, Lane Salgado – Reading, Rebecca Schroeder – Math, Laura Burkhart – Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, Lena Rahman – Speech Language Pathologist, Jennifer Zurovec – Speech Language Pathologist.