Yearbooks On Sale!

If you didn’t get a Yearbook at Open House…don’t worry!  Yearbooks will be on sale at starting on 9/12.  HURRY and don’t DELAY because the price will go up from $35 to $40 on October 1st.

  1. On 9/12 or after
  2. Go to
  3. Click yearbooks and select Hill Elementary, IN AUSTIN,
  4. Purchase a year book online or using a credit card or debit card system.

5th Grade ADS on sale as of 9/12.  Commemorate your 5th graders time at Hill with a dedication AD.

1.Visit and find Hill Elementary (IN AUSTIN).

2.Click the “Yearbook Ads” icon and select the size ad you want to purchase
3.Create an account. (name, email and password)
4.Enter student’s first and last name and click CREATE NEW AD.
5.Choose ad and design
6.Upload your photos and design the Ad.
7.Click ADD TO CART and checkout.  The add will be delivered to the yearbook staff.
**The Yearbook staff cannot see Ads that are incomplete. You must complete your ad and pay for before it will be entered into the Yearbook.   Ads are first come first serve. When the designated pages are filled the Ads will be sold out.