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EVERY YEAR – A Confidentiality Agreement is required to be signed by every registered Volunteer. Confidentiality Agreements are available in the office, on Hill Website, and at trainings. Trainings will be held at Back-to-School Nights (August 16th for Pre-K & K and Sept. 6th for all other grades) and in the library at the first General PTA Meeting September 20th at 7:45am .  Please turn in Agreements to the Hill Office.

EVERY YEAR Volunteer Registration is required through the APIE website by AISD. This will include a Background Check.  ALL VOLUNTEERS ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER!  If you are a Volunteer on Campus OR want to go on Field Trips – This means you!

Volunteers will register by GRADE for all and any Classroom help.

APIE requires you to register for EACH place or program you will be participating in.

It’s quick and easy!  http://austinpartners.org

  1.  Click on the blue Volunteer circle.
  2.  Click on the School-Based Volunteer circle.
  3.  Click onBLUE line to continue to register without making a donation or make a donation.
  4.  Select Hill Elementary as your school.
  5.  Click on the Volunteering Opportunity. If the exact opportunity is not listed, e.g. Homeroom Parents, Click on  Volunteer for your Student/s grade.  If you have more than one student –register for each grade.
  6.  Enter your email address and Register. You will receive an email from APIE instructing you to come to the Hill office to be checked off along with confirmation of Registration and Background check. This can take 3-5 days.


All Hill Volunteer’s must complete a Training and turn in a signed Confirmation of Training to the Office.

Returning Volunteers who have a signed Confirmation of Training Agreement and turned it in to the office to keep on file at Hill will not need to repeat the training for their duration at Hill.  This is a change from previous years. Trainings from last year will be honored. Please click here to look at the attached list for those attendees of trainings 2016-2017 school year.


Trainings will be available during Homeroom Parent trainings and BTSN.  Please attend if you would like to participate as a Volunteer in the classroom, field trips or any other Volunteer role at Hill.

Once and you are done!

Training for homeroom parents and any parents interested in helping at Hill this year will be held on the following days:

Thursday, Sept. 7th-7:45am in the library.
Thursday, Sept. 14th-7:45am in the library.
**These two meetings will be for Homeroom Parents and General Volunteers.

Monday, Sept.18th-5:30pm
**This training will be for general volunteers only and available at the end of the PTA Presentations and before classroom visits.

Questions? contact  vana.rosenblatt@austinisd.org

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