Board Representative Kristin Ashy at Hill Wednesday to Discuss Austin ISD School Changes

We are excited to welcome back Austin ISD school board member Kristin Ashy next Wednesday, May 22nd, at 7:45 am in the Hill library to update families on the ongoing School Changes process. The information below includes a link to the district School Changes webpage as well as a link to the finalized regional planning map that was approved last week.

As part of the ongoing School Changes Process, the district has finalized a regional planning map from three that were under consideration earlier this month.

Important note: This map does not represent any changes to feeder patterns, vertical teams or attendance boundaries for the 2019–20 school year.

To be clear, in the future, the School Changes Process may yield recommendations that could result in changes to attendance boundaries, feeder patterns or vertical teams but we are not at that point in the process yet.

The map divides the district into five regions that stretch east to west and will allow AISD to look for opportunities to enhance our academic programming.

The regions will be used for planning during the School Changes Process as the district determines whether schools may receive new programming or may need to be repurposed or consolidated.

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Austin ISD Final School Changes Regional Planning Map