Safety & Traffic Awareness around Hill!

Arrival  & Dismissal Reminders…..
It is our desire to make arrival and dismissal at Hill School a smooth and safe process for everyone. Please be sure that your teacher always knows how your student is getting home. The more consistent we can be the better. Always call the front office to notify Hill of any changes to pickup that are unexpected. Teachers may not read their email during the day.
Please remember these safety expectations for students and adults:

  • Vehicles should not enter the back driveway or make U-turns in the back driveway of Hill School.
  • Student drop off is in the front of the school ONLY.  Students should not be dropped off in the back of the school or on Robbie Lane.
  • When in the car line, pull all the way forward (or behind the car in front of you), DO NOT get out of your car.
  • NO left turns onto Tallwood from the car line.
  • NO DOGS on campus please.  We have students with allergies and some who are afraid of dogs, so we ask that parents do not bring dogs on campus at arrival or dismissal.
  • Please use crosswalks when crossing the street at/around Hill School.

Parent Pick Up in Gym 
Parents enter through South Entrance to Gym (when entering through front doors: turn right past yellow brick wall and down stairs leading out to back of school, Gym entrance will be on the left)  Please follow the signs.  This keeps students safe and helps our staff with Dismissal.

Dillos Drive Smart Guidelines:
Respect posted traffic and parking signs.
Keep those driveways clear.
Park in the direction of traffic.
Don’t make U-turns.
Drive slowly–keep it under 20mph.
Don’t pull over and drop off.
Arrive as early as you can.

Be respectful of the neighbors surrounding our awesome Hill school.

Click here to see a traffic map.

Thank you for your cooperation with these expectations.  We look forward to a safe school year for everyone!