NEW Hill Dillo Merchandise – Order Today!

Hey howdy hey! The 2023-24 Hill merch chuckwagon is back with a curated collection of fanciful sundries that have been handcrafted for you and your Dillos to share your Hill Elementary school pride. Your Merchandise Chairs (Craig Oelrich and Jason Railey) are proud to present the 2023-2024 Official Hill Elementary Dillo Merchandise. And for the first time and by popular demand, we are offering a YXS (5T) version of our throwback t-shirt for our littlest of Dillos. Same handsome design and yes, it’s still softer than a jackalope’s tail.

With each purchase, you play an integral role in our community by fundraising for the PTA, which supports our school, students, and educators. Come and get your Hill Elementary tees, hats, stickers, and Jibbitz before the August 19th deadline.