Lost and Found Short-Timers

When it’s time to go, it’s time to go.  It’s time to get rid of a few lost and found items.  If they are yours, you better come by this week.  They will disappear on Wednesday…

Shoes, Boot, Hats, Umbrella

This pair of tennis shoes and a single boot have been around WAY too long:

So have most of these hats and this umbrella that hooks to a chair:

Mystery Waters

You would think that I would have returned these water bottles to their owners.  They all have names on them.  One problem – there is no one at Hill with these names:

Indie – oh, I just found one in the directory.  I will return that.

Harris – Drew Harris says it’s not his, and we have 2 Harrisons, but at least one goes by Harry.  Hmmm…

Daniel Kim – Look at that great label!  Can’t miss that!  We do have some Kims in the directory.  Could Daniel have a secret alter ego of Sunwoo, Jiwoo, or Youngwoo?

Olaf – I am not sure who this Olaf character is, but I hope he comes for his water bottle.

Did you lose a remote at carnival?

A small remote and a black bag for an electronic device of some sort were left behind after carnival.  Anyone recognize them?  Maybe for playing music at Animal Walk or Cake Walk?

The usual suspects: