It’s a Lost and Found Miracle!

The Good News: These 3 pictures show EVERY item that was in Lost and Found as of Wednesday.

11 jackets, 2 lunches, 4 water bottles, an ice pack and a football (actually I found the football’s owner).

Everything else was cleared out on Monday and donated to charity.

The Bad News: By the time this newsletter reaches you on Sunday, there will be many more items in Lost and Found.

We are at the tail end of this cold weather, folks.  If you label your jackets, you may be able to use them next year or pass them along to a sibling or friend.  If you don’t, I will probably end up drowning in coats again, losing faith in humanity, and giving them away at the end of the year.

Come on! We can do this together!!  You Label Them, I’ll Return Them!

PLEASE look.  It’s only 3 pictures.  Let’s get these things home.  Come by or send me an email ( if an item is yours or you know whose it is.