Kate Hoffner has been selected as an EcoRise Teacher Ambassador!!

Congratulations Ms. Hoffner!!

Two Austin ISD educators have been selected for EcoRise’s 2017–18 Teacher Ambassador Program. EcoRise is a school-based curriculum focused on sustainability.

The 2017–18 EcoRise Teacher Ambassadors from Austin ISD are:

Kate Hoffner―third-grade social studies and language arts teacher, Hill Elementary School, and
Andrea Tole―sixth-grade science teacher, Covington Middle School Fine Arts Academy.
They join a six-teacher class of ambassadors, each of whom has demonstrated leadership in sustainability education. Their involvement in the ambassador program will run through August 2018, during which time they will benefit from professional development training, priority access to pilot programs and initiatives and the chance to present at conferences on behalf of EcoRise.

Each ambassador is an experienced EcoRise teacher who has demonstrated a strong interest in and commitment to the mission and core values of being leading-edge, building camaraderie, embracing integrity, practicing resilience and cultivating gratitude.

“Working closely with teachers who are not only skilled in teaching sustainability, but who can match their skill with an enduring passion for developing the next generation of problem-solvers and leaders, is core to the mission of EcoRise,” said founder and Executive Director of EcoRise, Gina LaMotte. “We are delighted to welcome our new class of teacher ambassadors, whose achievements in their classrooms have impressed and inspired the EcoRise team, and whose work over the next year will be a critical part of our continued progress toward a reality where sustainability, design innovation and social entrepreneurship are recognized as essential elements in schools across the nation.”

To learn more about the EcoRise mission, school-based program and its effects on student success, visit www.ecorise.org.

About EcoRise

EcoRise develops the next generation of creative problem-solvers by enlivening conventional classrooms with academically aligned K-12 curriculum that introduce students to environmental literacy, social innovation and hands-on design skills. Green professionals serve as guest speakers and project mentors to help students solve real-world sustainability challenges concerning energy, water, waste, transportation, air quality, food and public spaces. The program focuses on enhancing STEM education, promoting sustainability, introducing students to green careers, and helping students develop 21st-century skills.