A Letter from Principal Newton

Dear Hill Families,


We were so happy to see our Hill students and families at the Meet the Teacher Event last Friday!  Our teachers have been busy preparing their classrooms, getting ready for the first day of school!  Our focus this year is on finding our special talents and using kindness to encourage each other to be successful.


We have a fantastic staff this school year!  Included below are all teaching staff, as well as teacher pairings:


PK – Michele Meadows, Erin Webb, Caty Winslow


PPCD – Marci Adkinson, Hayden Higginbotham


Kindergarten – Caroline Braun, Christine Combs, Laura Davis, Joanna Fairbrother, Stacy Maine, Brandi Watson, Lindsey Zigal


1st Grade – Jill Clark, Michele Dare, Alexa Rushing, Alli Sanchez-Perry, Maitri Shah, Rebecca Stanley, Suzy Wright


2nd Grade – Lori Huang and Tho Nguyen;  Katherine Laxton and Sheryl Southwell; Tara McBrearty and Jordan Silverman; Sherrie Shaver; Mary Elizabeth Young


3rd Grade – Sally Armstrong and Analisa Guevara,  Madison Mischnik and Hannah Westbrook, Abby Bolin and Anna Peterson,  Robin Olson and Clayton Oden


4th Grade – Krista Davis and Kelly Manzano; Lindsey Cole, Alexa Denny and Allie Massingill, Melanie Brown and Jeanine DiVincenzo-Smith


5th Grade – Rachel Briles,Jacob Mayer and Bess Wirht; Hannah Cotton, Lorrie Salome and Thomas Wilder


Special Education – Melissa Butler (Resource K – 3rd), Charlotte Williams (Resource 4th, 5th), Laura Jones (Scores K – 5th)


Essential Areas –  Primary Grades – Jason Schafer (PE), Steve Williams (Music), Stephen Williams (Art)

Upper Grades – Roger Taveirne (PE), Michelle Herb (Music), Stephanie Perry (Art)


The Anderson Vertical Team will continue our focus on Social Emotional Learning and the Creative Learning Initiative this school year.  Also, our FLEX Language Program is beginning it’s sixth year within the Anderson Vertical Team. Students at Hill are learning how to excel in the academic subjects, as well as the arts!  We will have a wonderful year of learning at Hill School!


Looking forward to the first day of school!!