Superhero Tools for Calming the Mind and Body

A Brentwood Special Educational teacher Shelly Hollander is presenting a special Mindful class for children at the Mediation Bar starting December 1st.

The class will help children discover their own “Super Powers” when it comes to battling different emotions.

The class is a 6-week course where children will identify and learn all about how their body responds to different emotions, how to combat those “yucky” emotions and how a healthy mindset can help them achieve success!

The class will use a variety of “magic superhero tools” that children can access whenever they need help. This will be a fun filled interactive class where children will be guided through various types of meditation, yoga, and mantras as well as performing hands on activities for self-expression and creativity. Dress up is encouraged!

Classes start December 1st

9:00 am-9:45 am 5-7 year old

10:00-10:45 8-10 year old

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