Safety Reminders for Robbie Drive Arrival and Dismissal

As we move into the spring semester, we wanted to remind all of our families on safety expectations for drop-off and pick-up at the back of Hill School. If you are dropping off your student(s) and don’t want to exit your vehicle, we appreciate you using the car line at the front of the school. Robbie Drive should only be used for parking in legal spots, on our side of the street, and walking your student(s) into the school. Students should never be dropped off on either side of Robbie Drive as there is no crossing guard or adult to ensure safety in that busy area.

Thank you for also ensuring vehicles are not using our back drive way for drop-offs, u-turns, or other unsafe actions that could put our students at risk. That drive way is only to be used by arriving staff and our buses. While we will continue to monitor and ensure more of a presence when possible in this area, thank you for making these simple choices to support providing our students with a safe route to school!