Safety Reminders for our Students who Bike to School

We are so fortunate to be a neighborhood school with many families choosing to bike to school. This is a wonderful way to stay healthy! Recently, we are seeing more students who bike on their own to school make unsafe choices. If you do have students who bike to school, thank you for talking with them on these safety reminders:

  • When entering or exiting the campus, be sure to wait and ensure traffic is stopped both ways before turning. This applies to all street turns as well.
  • At crosswalks, always walk your bike across. Never ride across a crosswalk.
  • On the roads, obey stop signs, don’t ride too fast, and stay visible to drivers. Do not weave in and out of traffic ever!
  • If your student is younger, ride on the sidewalks. The streets may not be appropriate yet. The new Hyridge shared use path is a wonderful solution to bike safely down that road for all riders.
  • Lastly, if possible, ride in larger groups for better visibility and accountability.

These are just a few things to discuss if your student is one of our Dillo bikers. We encourage this mode of transportation but want to make sure their route is a safe as possible. Thank you!