Rally Day – February 25, 86th Legislative Session

PTA has a dedication to advocacy. Public education is our one guarantee for a brighter and better Texas.  Each legislative session we hear about the need to improve public education, and history shows that following the conclusion of every legislative session, we all express our dissatisfaction with the results, wishing we had done more. By attending Rally Day, we are taking action — letting our PTA voices be heard while decisions are still being made.

Attending Rally Day is an investment of your time and resources that Texas students cannot afford for us to overlook.

Rally Day Agenda

9:30-11:10 am Priorities Caucus, First United Methodist Church

9:30-11:10 am Student Caucus, Sheraton Austin at the Capitol

11:30-12:00 pm Rally on South Steps of the Capitol

12:00-5:00 pm Meetings with Legislators and lunch on your own