No Place for Hate Dress Up Days

No Place for Hate Dress Up Days are here!  The Hill SEL-ebration Leadership Team of students have selected the following dress up days.  All of our dress up days are part of our No Place for Hate projects however, it is optional for students to participate.

January 8: Dream of Kindness–Wear Pajamas

January ​24It’s your JOB to be KIND–Wear your future career clothes.

February ​21: Book Fair Dress Up–Dress as your favorite book character.

March ​6: You are never too old to be KIND–Dress up like a 100-year-old person.

April ​17: Peace, Love, and KINDNESS–Wear Tie Dye.

May ​1: We have the POWER to be KIND–Wear Super Hero attire.