A Message from Trustee Julie Cowan!

By now you know AISD has placed a $1.05 billion bond on the Nov. 7 ballot. It’s HISTORIC not for the amount the AISD Board is asking voters to approve, but for the COMPREHENSIVE DATA that was collected over 1 ½ years by the FABPAC to inform the bond’s projects and for the LONG RANGE VISION and ASPIRATION it brings to our local public schools.

At this time, I ask you to join me in supporting the bond in the following ways:

Promise to VOTE yes during early voting Oct. 23 – Nov. 3
Attend the Bond Rally Sunday, Oct. 1, 2 – 4 p.m., at Northwest Rec Center playground, 2913 Northland
Donate at https://donateway.com/donate/BOQHcSPq/our-kids-our-schools-our-future/payment
Show your support by placing sign in your yard
Ask a trustee, FABPAC member, or AISD staff member if you have questions
Promise to take a friend to vote during early voting Oct. 23 – Nov. 3
Host an informational event for neighbors in your home
Forward this message and invitation to other friends and supporters of AISD
Be a part of the D4 Endorsement Team

While some of us no longer have children in AISD schools, we know the value of our support and appreciate those voters who supported previous bonds when they no longer had children in AISD. We are living in a time when our commitment to public education is demonstrated by votes such as this one. And for those of you with children currently in AISD schools, you know that these critical modernizations will bring further success to our students.

Kudos to all 18 FABPAC members, but especially to the two D4 appointees, Kristin Ashy and Jodi Leach. These smart ladies and I are ready and willing to share factual information, answer your questions, deliver signs, and speak at your neighborhood events. Call us with questions!

I leave you with this comment from a longtime Austinite and friend………..

“Those of us with family and deep roots in this community need to be concerned about the health of our public education system. I really love that this bond more than any other is more about the next generation rather than just maintaining status quo. Hats off to the visionaries that crafted this.”

Hope to see you Oct. 1 at Northwest Rec Center playground for our BOND RALLY! It will be fun!

  • Kona Ice
  • Face Painting
  • Kid Performances
  • Opportunities to volunteer, donate, rally!!

Click here for more information on the Bond Rally!!