Math Pentathlon

Last weekend a group of our 4th and 5th grade Dillos competed at Rouse High School. Zack Achariyokosol, Dean Haben, Logan Hyun, Wyatt Jenson, Jillian Nielson, Abbey Tang, Zach Thomason did a great job. Thank you to them and their coach, Braxton Thomason!

On Saturday May 4th we had 17 2nd and 3rd graders compete at the Division II Math Pentathlon tournament at Delco Activity Center. Our pentathletes were: Andy Yang, Avalyn Hyun, Diego Gutierrez-Bermeo, Elise Kettler, Eloise Hampton, Evan Hobbs, Finley Bernazal, Georgia Friesenhahn, Grace Friesenhahn, Hailey Greenspahn, Isla Nielson, Miles Goodrich, Neil Patwardhan, Oscar Deluna, Tongshi Zhang, Willa Minkser, and Wyatt Hobbs. This was a great group of students! The second and third graders were coached by Katie Hobbs and Aubree Friesenhahn.