Lost and Found – REWARD!!

We have about 20 puffy coats in Lost and Found and (SPOILER ALERT) I’m pretty sure the kids will not need them again until next December.  They are making my beautiful Lost and Found miserably stuffed and crowded.  These pictures are JUST of the puffy coats.  Oh, and there are WAY too many water bottles, hats and scarves.

I am offering a $1 REWARD to any parent who comes to Lost and Found and claims their child’s puffy jacket.   PLEASE come and get these.  I’m drowning in them.

LOST AND FOUND DONATED: ALL Lost and Found items will be given away or donated to charity on the Monday after Spring Break (March 19th) at 3:00.  If your family needs coats, you can have whatever you want (up to 5 items per family) at 3:00 on Monday.  At 3:15, all remaining items will be bagged up and given to charity.

Final Deep Thought: If all items were labeled, there would be NOTHING in Lost and Found.  I am willing to return them all to your kids.  You just have to write their first and last name on them.  Please label their springtime jackets, lunchboxes, and water bottles.