Literati Book Fair Coming Up

Hill’s Literati Book Fair is just around the corner and we need all the help we can get!  Come by during school hours on January 25th and January 26th to help decorate the library and set up the fair.  Bring a friend and have even more fun!  During Book Fair Week, January 29 through February 2nd, we need cashiers to help each day throughout the week and on Thursday evening.  Sign up here to volunteer!

Teacher wish lists will be in labeled boxes at the fair.  Everyone from our fabulous Reading Specialists to our amazing Essential Area teachers can pick out items they’d love to have so feel free to spread the love.

Save the date for Family Night on Thursday, February 2nd from 5-8pm.  This is always a fun outing for families and will be a great chance to shop at the fair.  We will have food available for purchase from Stony’s Pizza and DonutNV.

Finally, E-Wallet is back but a bit different.  Simply purchase a Gift Card here.  The volunteers running the Book Fair will have access to all the Gift Cards codes.  This allows your student to shop the fair without keeping track of cash.  At the end of the fair, if you have unused funds, simply contact Literati for a refund.

Erica Martindale is here to answer all of your questions about Book Fair, and you can reach out to her at