Hill School Song Activity for our Virtual Groundbreaking Ceremony


Be part of a special performance of the Hill Elementary School song as we celebrate the groundbreaking of our modernized facility!  Simply film your Dillo(s) singing the school song and upload your video to Dropbox HERE.

All video submissions are due by 6pm on Friday, April 24 to be included in a compilation video that will be shared during our virtual groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, May 1, at 10:00 am.


  1.  Have your student sing with the piano part (thanks, Ms. Herb) via headphones.  This will help everyone keep the steady beat and make it easier for us to put all of the videos together.
  2. Center your student (or students) in the screen so we can see them as they sing.
  3. Be aware of what is in the background of your video, so nothing will distract the audience from your child’s performance.
  4. Record in a quiet place to cut down on as much background noise as possible.

Click here for the piano accompaniment.

Hill is where we work
and it’s where we play
As we grow and learn
with each passing day.
Standards high, orange and white,
Armadillos shining bright
True to Hill in every way.
Hill’s the best from coast to coast.
May that always be our boast.
Do our best and reach up high.

we are proud of Hill!