Hill Library Books

We are asking Hill families to find a safe, secure place at home to store any Hill library books for the time being.  A safe place might be your child’s backpack, or a designated shelf, cabinet, or closet. Please discuss your chosen safe place among your family members so that it will be easy to remember where you put the books when the time is right for returning everything to the library.

You can recognize which books belong to the Hill library by looking for the following:

  • A “Hill Elementary Library” barcode on the back of the book.
  • A white spine label adhered to the bottom portion of the spine.
  • Identifying “Hill Elementary Library” stamp markings inside the cover, on the title page, and on page 15 of each book.

Please don’t worry about having library books longer than normal.  We are all in this same situation and it is not something we can control right now. If you are not sure what books you or your children have checked out right now, please contact Ms. Pustka, celeste.pustka@austinisd.org and she can look it up for you.