Hill Elementary Alumni Scholarship

The Hill Elementary Alumni Scholarship was established in 2011 to honor Hill’s 40th anniversary.  It is now called The Suzanne and Vincent Torres Hill Elementary Alumni Scholarship in honor of Mr. Torres and his wife and their dedication to our school and the district.  The goal is to recognize former students who have excelled in their academic endeavors, supported their community through service projects and proven they possess a drive to further their education.  By granting this scholarship, we encourage students to continue their academic endeavors beyond high school and hope to strengthen the relationship between Hill and its alumni.  This year, one scholarship in the amount of $1000 will be awarded.  Click here for the application.

**Please note we have extended the deadline for applications.  New deadline is April 30, 2020.  All applications will need to be emailed directly to Thomas Wilder.  Any applications submitted by mail will need to be resubmitted via email.  Thank you.