Generation SERVE

Interested in family friendly volunteering activities? Generation SERVE is an Austin-based organization that’s dedicated to engaging children in volunteerism and empowering them to make a difference in their communities. Every month, Generation SERVE offers 60+ volunteer opportunities  in partnership with local non-profits such as Hope Food Pantry, Austin Pets Alive, Ronald McDonald House, Austin Diaper Bank, Caritas of Austin, The Humane Society, and more. Activities can be done either in-person or at home. Children can start volunteering at age 3 and continue to be involved through high school! Activities are organized by age and can range from sorting donations and garden/park clean-ups for younger kids to leading volunteer activities as a teenager. Generation SERVE believes family volunteering is the foundation for lifelong giving and helping others. Learn more at or reach out to Hill parents and current Board members Lily McClure ( and Nisha Devarajan (