Donations for Carnival!!

Attention parents!

We need Pringles donations for the Pringle Toss Booth at the Carnival. We will have a box out for collection starting Monday, Oct. 2nd. We are looking for a variety of flavors of the full size cans. We need ~500 cans for the booth to be successful, based on past feedback, so any donations are appreciated!

Carnival is also in need of TOYS!!  Click here to see a list of what is needed.  Collections will start on Monday, October 2nd.  Boxes will be available by the yellow brick wall.

Soda Bottles!!  We are in need of soda bottle donations for the Soda Toss Booth at the Carnival. We will be needing approximately 350 bottles of soda to run the booth this year. Any donations would be greatly appreciated! Specifically, we are looking for 1-liter sized soda bottles of all flavors (off-brand is TOTALLY FINE!) We will be placing a box by the yellow brick wall starting Tuesday, October 10th.

Baked Goods Items Wanted – starting ONLY on October 27th and October 28th! Brownies, Cup cakes, cookies!  ALL items only must be Store-bought ( absolutely nothing home made)  these will be collected the morning of Friday, October 27th at drop off or at pick up.  Bring your donations to school on Friday and Saturday morning to the library office .

THANK YOU for all your support!