Curious about what Hoopla is?

Been hearing about “Buy-In” Parties?  Hoopla is our annual fundraiser.  This year’s theme is Armadillo Casino and is being held February 8th at the Austin Board of Realtors. There will be actual casino tables, auction items and buy in parties.

What are “buy-in” parties exactly?

A buy-in party is an event hosted by Hill parents that others can “buy into” and all the proceeds go directly to our school.  They are the TOP auction items at Hill Hoopla. These events can be for kids or adults and it’s a great way to meet other Hill families.  Grab some friends (ideally four or less to encourage more participation) and plan a party together!

How many parties do we need?

We like to have at least two parties per grade level, a boy party and girl party.  We have some amazing grade level parties already set up…..swim parties, popsicles and water balloons, Pop Warner cheer clinic!

Don’t forget the adults!!! Adult buy-ins are always a hit!  Some examples are Fiesta de Dillos, Alamo Drafthouse ladies night, Weekend Camping Getaways!

Do you have a great idea for a party and want to host?  Need some help connecting with people in your grade level to host?  Please email Sarah Newton at or Beth Reynolds at