Boxtop Winners

Fall Boxtop Contest Winners are here!  The top 10 classes will get to choose a fun event, like pajama day or extra recess to help celebrate their accomplishment.  The winning classes are:
In 5th grade, Mr. Mayer with 207
In 1st grade, Ms. Sanchez with 208
In 3rd grade, Ms. Guevara with 228
In 1st grade, Ms. Stanley with 230
In 5th grade, Ms. Cotten with 267
In 4th grade, Ms. Brown with 323
In 4th grade, Ms. Massingill with 324
In 4th grade, Ms. Davis with 375
In 2nd grade, Ms. Shaver with 387
In 2nd grade, Ms. Huang with 428

With all of your hard work clipping, everybody wins!  The Grand Total # of Boxtops contributed during the Fall Contest is 6,506! That means $650 of free money for Hill.  Great work and keep on clipping!  The next contest is already under way.  A big Dillo Cheer for all of the folks who helped count Boxtops: Stephanie Faigley, Sarah Newton, Misti Neese, Michelle Kelly, Amy Whiteaker, and Aubree Friesenhahn.  Thank you!!