Big Dillo Cheers

Thank you Hill community for an amazing Book Fair “week.” It was so fun seeing the kids shop and enjoy the fair after having to cancel it last year. We hope everyone is loving their new books! We want to recognize and give a GREAT BIG DILLO CHEER for Melanie Petersen, Book Fair Chair Extraordinaire! Heading up Book Fair is a big job any given year, but especially this year with a pandemic surge AND weather closings. This is such a special event for our Dillos and we are appreciative of Melanie’s excitement and execution in making it run so smoothly!  

Our Total Sales for the fair were $28,119.24. WOW! As a school, we raised $6,396.10 for our sister school, Graham Elementary. AMAZING! The winners of the contest were Mrs. Shah’s 1st Grade class (from K-2) and Ms. Bostick’s 3rd grade class (from 3-5). These two classes shopped the fair and picked some great books for Graham’s library. With the remaining funds raised, Graham will get to shop for books for their school. Also, congratulations to the overall grade level winners, 2nd grade (from K-2) and 3rd grade (from 3-5). Thank you to all who contributed!

From Melanie: “Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers! We could not have done it without you. Thank you to Amy Whiteaker, Andrea Maybury, Aubree Friesenhahn, Beth Domel, Boyoung Huh, Casey Fisher, Cassie Fillman, Courtney Lizmi, Courtney Scalo, Donna Campbell, Erica Butler, Erin Drew, Erin Hanson, Esther Houari, Felecitee De Hoyos, Ira Sutedja, Jamie Schroeder, Jenny de la Rosa, Jessica McKay, Jessie Rupert, Julie Neitzel, Katie Hanley, Kristen Trout, Margarita Bagwell, Peyton Cummings, Rebecca Neubauer, Ruhi Bell, Ruth Dew, Sally Schwarz, Sandy Hong, Snigdha Katragadda and our DIllo Dads – Doug, Ben, George, Jason, Justin, KC, & Rey. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”