5th Grade Slideshow

The 5th Grade Slideshow is a Hill tradition to honor the memories, friendships, and personal growth of the graduating class. Please help us create a slideshow worthy of these special Dillos by submitting your favorite memories (pictures/videos). The slideshow will be presented to the 5th graders on the last day of school during their Pizza Party. The recording link will be shared with parents, since only party volunteers will be able to watch in person. 

Guidelines: Submit pictures and/or videos of current 5th graders. No family photos please, we can’t include all parents/siblings, this is about current 5th graders. Date of image can be anytime since pre-k graduation (pre-k graduation pictures are welcome especially if they are high-quality images with multiple Dillos). Picture or video does not have to be taken at Hill, the story behind the image is more important than the place. If in doubt, please submit the picture or video. Directions: Label the image or video with the last names of the main subjects (e.g., EckermannBenton). Upload to this Dropbox folder. Direct any questions to Robyn Eckermann at robyn.eckermann@icloud.com.