PROJECT GRADUATION – 5th Grade Graduation Day Activities

On May 23rd and 24th our Dillos will celebrate their graduation to middle school! As such we have planned some amazing festivities starting with the Westover Graduation party on Thursday evening and a full day of graduation fun during school on Friday.

Questions? Contact Kim Franks (512-653-8304) and/or Myra Adkins (512-426-6665)

Schedule for the events:

THURSDAY, MAY 23rd – 5:30PM-8:30PM at Westover Pool for an after school pool party. Be sure your child comes dressed to swim and play – don’t forget your towel!

5:30-8:30PM Westover Country Club Pool Party – the graduation committee is hosting a pool party for all current 5th grade students! Drop your child off no earlier than 5:30PM as the lifeguards are scheduled to begin at this time.

We will have food, donated by ZTejas of the Arboretum, drinks, games and music to swim the night away with their classmates! This is a drop off – this is not a party that is open to families and siblings. If a parent decides to stay they will need to volunteer at the event. We have to keep the attendance monitored for liability and cost! There will be 10-20 Hill parent volunteers and professional lifeguards for supervision and safe fun at the pool.

Plan to coordinate student pick up no later than 8:30PM or we will put you and your child to work cleaning up!

FRIDAY, MAY 24th – arrive to school as usual

8-9:30AM Wacky Olympics – The kids participate in an old-school track and field Olympic competition hosted and donated by Jason Williams of The Fitness School (the – a great resource for camps and after care. The kids will finish out with popsicles and waters to rebuild that energy for a hectic day ahead – plus who doesn’t love a popsicle in the morning!

9:30-11AM Autograph Hour and Meeting with Principal Drummond – this is a super fun time for the kids to autograph the yearbooks and autograph books – relive the year and all the good times they have had at Hill! Principal Drummond will make an appearance and chat with them about the impact they have made on the school and send them off with an inspirational message for middle school. Please make sure your child brings their yearbook to school.

11:30AM-12:30PM Dance Party – Mr. T will spin tunes in the gym and we will have an awesome dance party to work up an appetite for a pizza party lunch!

12:30-1:30PM Pizza Party – 5th Grade Moms will be serving up pizza and fruit for lunch. We will have gluten free and dairy free pizza options too.

1:30-2PM Grad Prep in commons – The kids will head back to the commons and clean up, grab their gear and a hat and tassels and prep to march through the school.

2-2:30PM Grad Walk – All the kids will walk through the halls of Hill one last time to the graduation march and everyone – students/teachers/parents and admin will line the halls to cheer them on as they finish their career at Hill Elementary! This is a great time to join them and be there for the pictures and high fives along with pick up. All the marches end at the balloon arches set up at the exit to the building heading to the commons. Plan ahead for this one – parking will be tight and bring tissues this is a teary moment!

2:30-3:30PM Kids are essentially dismissed as soon as they are done with their hugs and goodbyes. This could take a while since this is the last time your Dillo will be onsite as a student!

5th Grade Legacy Gift

Thank you for all of your efforts with the Dillo cup sales over the school year! Our class raised enough money to pay for all these fun festivities and give a super fun Legacy Gift to Hill Elementary. Our grade will be providing a Gaga Pit for the playground. We know all the kids will enjoy this exciting addition!