Vouchers, Veterans Day Assembly

A fourth Special Session has been called. Vouchers are back on the table again, at the last minute, with very little notice. The Select Committee on Educational Opportunity & Enrichment convenes today at 9:00am (Thursday, November 9th) in room E1.030 of the State Capitol to discuss HB 1, a bill that includes the creation of an expansive private school voucher program. This is a BAIT AND SWITCH bill with dangling carrots, designed to trick citizens. Additionally, it includes a harmful provision that has the potential to increase the numbers of children with disabilities institutionalized in state supported living centers.

Please let your voices be heard, and help save our public schools! Express your opposition to private school vouchers and HB 1 by testifying in person tomorrow morning or commenting electronically tonight. This short turn-around time is not an accident. Most of us are unable to speak at the Capitol tomorrow morning with such short notice, but we can ALL express our opposition online.

If you are able to testify in person tomorrow morning, please come to the Capitol. The two minutes you are given to speak will make a profound impact in protecting our public schools. Learn about testifying HERE. If you are unable to testify in person, please submit your opposition electronically HERE. It is imperative that the Select Committee hears from us.


We will be holding a Veterans Day Assembly on Friday, November 10th at 7:45am to honor and recognize our Hill Community Veterans and Service Members. Speakers this year are: Lee Smith, along with his wife is Jill Stinson, a former Hill teacher and librarian, and Jonesy Jones, who was one of his squadron commanders.  They were both fighter pilots in the Airforce, and later instructors. We are so grateful for their time and service.

There is also still time to submit letters/photos for our Veterans Day Honor Wall. Please submit 1) a picture of your honoree in uniform if possible, with the name written on the back and 2) completed form (check your child’s Wednesday folder).  Please submit copies of pictures, as we cannot guarantee their safe return.  Turn in your pictures/forms to the office or your child’s teacher.  Submissions will then be posted November 1 through November 17.