There is still time to give!!

Some Hill families need a little help to make their holidays a bit brighter. There are two ways you can help Hill families this holiday season.
GENERAL DONATION: HEB gift cards and wrapping paper are needed and can be donated at the office.
INDIVIDUAL SNOWFLAKE GIFTS: Each child will have one specific gift from their wish list on a snowflake in the front office. Please stop by or ask your child to stop by and pick up a snowflake to donate a specific item.
Please sign up on the form located by the snowflakes when you take a snowflake and return the item to the counselors by Friday December 15th with the snowflake attached to the gift.

If you have any questions please contact Kristina Spess at or Sheila Wessels at or Stephanie Winfrey at
Thank you in advance for your generosity to Hill families in our community!