Special PTA Vote This Thursday

Good Afternoon Hill PTA Members!

We hope you will join us THIS Thursday, October 6th at 7:45am in the Hill Library for a special PTA meeting and vote regarding the AISD Bond package.

This year, AISD wants to issue a bond to address needs of the district, and the issuance of the bond must be approved on a ballot by the voting public which will be on this November’s ballot. November’s bond package directly affects Hill School and many of our vertical team schools (including Anderson High School). You can view information about the bond at this link: https://bond.austinschools.org/bond-proposal.

The special meeting on Thursday is to determine whether Hill’s PTA supports or opposes the school bond. After our vote, Hill’s PTA position will be reflected in a vote taken by the Austin Council of PTA’s (ACPTA).  Each AISD PTA will have one vote and will cast that vote as they were directed by their membership. The outcome of the vote at the ACPTA meeting will determine whether the ACPTAs (including Hill’s PTA) will collectively support or oppose the bond.

We hope you will join us Thursday morning for this special meeting! You must be a Hill PTA member to take part in this vote. Please note that this will be the only thing on the agenda and we don’t expect the meeting to take more than 15 minutes. There will be no one at the meeting to answer bond questions – a discussion among PTA members is allowed, but education should occur before the meeting in the previously provided avenues.

Thank You,
Julie Neitzel and Jessica Patiño
Hill ACPTA Board Representatives