Special Education Staff Appreciation Week

Special Education Staff Appreciation Week is here!  Please join us in celebrating these outstanding educators and therapists!  They would love to see handmade cards and crafts from their Dillos.  You’re also invited to bring yummy lunches, tasty treats, or anything else that says “we appreciate you!”  Here’s our fantastic team:  Ron Beck, Jenny Burke (SCORES Teachers); Gregory Lewis (SCORES Teaching Assistant); Christal Fox, Hayden Perez (ECSE Teachers); Cheryl Brown, Angela Stamps, Karyn Vass (ECSE Teaching Assistants); Melissa Butler, Charlotte Williams (Resource Teachers); Tammy Leyva, Sherrie Shaver (Reading Specialists); Rebecca Schroeder (Math Specialist); Christy Bae (Occupational Therapist); and Albert Parker, Jennifer Zurovec (Speech Language Pathologists).  Reach out to April with any questions at appreciation@hillelementary.com.  Thank you Dillo families!