Coding with Kids – Free Online Coding Resources

Coding with Kids would like to highlight a few free online coding resources that our families can use at home.– A great option for coders of all ages. is an ideal first step for new coders and helps build an understanding of foundational coding concepts that will pave the way for more complex coding in the future!– Available as an app, this coding game is great for your youngest coders and aims to teach the most fundamental concept in computer programming – “Code is a series of instructions.”

MakeCode by Microsoft– Ideal for both beginners and experienced coders, MakeCode allows coders to try out a variety of electronics and hardware based coding projects like micro:bit and Lego Mindstorms. Self-guided projects allow students to select block-based coding, Python, or Javascript as their language of choice!

Scratch by MIT– Developed by MIT for the purpose of teaching young coders programming, Scratch is a block-based platform that is a great place for students who are ready to start building games and stories on their own!

Khan AcademyDeveloped for older students and experienced coders, Khan Academy’s coding resources will help students learn the essentials of web development and SQL databases. A great starting point for students who are exploring coding as a future career and are eager to dig deeper in their skill development.

These resources are a great way for students to gain exposure to coding with minimal commitment.