Solar Eclipse Update from Hill PTA

Dear Parents,

As many of you may know the PTA bought eclipse glasses for our students to be able to safely watch the partial eclipse tomorrow. We purchased these glasses back in July in order to ensure we had them in time and were very excited to provide such a fun, educational experience for our Hill Dillos.

Soon thereafter, there was information published that some of the glasses could have been counterfeit. We did research and with the information we had at the time determined some, but not all, of the glasses were unusable and that we had enough usable glasses for the children to safely see the eclipse.

Over the weekend, several parents, members of the PTA and teachers became aware of the information that even the glasses that appeared to have all of the “proper markings” could be counterfeit which has led us to do more research. Based on this new information and our inspection of the glasses, we have determined that it is probable that the remaining glasses are unfortunately counterfeit.

Child safety and health is of utmost importance to all of us, so we have decided that instead of using the glasses, each child will see the eclipse live on TV tomorrow during the school day. Recess for all students, will be held before peak eclipse times which start at 11:30am. If you would like to have your child view the eclipse live, you may check your child out of school tomorrow and the tardy will be excused.

Thank you for your support in keeping each of our children safe. If you have any questions or concerns contact Beth Newton at or Kim Franks at

Beth Newton

Hill Elementary Principal

Kim Franks

PTA President