Next Week – Language Teacher Appreciation Week

Don’t let the week of March 7-11th pass by without saying “Gracias! Merci! Danke! Xièxiè Nǐ! Gratias Tibi!” to our World Language teachers: Brenda Baez (1st grade Spanish), Lorella Loftus (2nd grade French), Melissa Drexler (3rd grade German), Xuanhua Zhou (4th grade Chinese), and Neil Hargrove (5th grade Latin). They make learning a new language so much fun for our Dillos! These rockstars aren’t on campus every day, so you’re invited to email your thanks OR drop off your non-perishable thanks at the front doors. SIGN UP HERE to help ensure they’re all recognized, and reach out to April Beaty at with any questions. ¡Gracias a las familias de Hill por compartir su amor!