Math Pentathlon Club

Math Pentathlon is a parent-led, math games club for learning and playing strategy games that exercise age-appropriate math skills.  The games and learning activities are designed for kids with all math abilities.  Club meetings will be held Wednesdays after school until 4pm.  During a typical year, interested members have the opportunity to play these games in competition with other local schools in the spring.  The tournament status for 2022 is to be determined.  This year we have the following limited capacity, so enrollment will be lottery based

  • 2nd Grade Section – 16 students
  • 3rd Grade Section – 16 students
  • 4th/5th Grades Combined Section – 16 students

Click here for more information and to register.  Deadline for registration is October 21stAfter completing the Registration Form, you will receive confirmation of enrollment or wait list.  Those enrolled will receive a subsequent link for payment of a $29.99 supplies fee (scholarships are available).  The email receipt for that payment will serve as your enrollment confirmation.  For questions, reach out to Meghan at