The Lost and the Found

This week finds kindergarten cowgirl Kitty Cartwright lost in the West Texas desert.  All she’s got to keep her alive are a single boot, a clip-on compass, and a tube of lipstick in her favorite color, Pecos Pink.
After 2 desperate days surviving in the barren wasteland, she comes to an oasis.  To her relief, there are 5 bottles of water, a lunch box, and a pair of shoes so she won’t have to hop any more.
She also finds a tennis ball, an ice pack, and 5 tupperware containers, one of which is full of blueberries.
When night falls the weather cools, but not to worry, she has also found 13 jackets WITH NO NAMES IN THEM!!!
Kitty falls asleep under the big West Texas sky, wondering what she may find next week…
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