Lost and Found – It’s (Almost) Empty!

First to all new parents – welcome and PLEASE label all jackets, water bottles, and lunch boxes. I spend the first 30 minutes of every school day returning items to kids at Hill. All that I ask is that you label them. So GET THOSE SHARPIES OUT AND GO CRAZY!!

I had the silly thought after cleaning out the Lost and Found on June 1st, I would find it empty when school started. But the drama that is The Lost and the Found continues, complete with costumes (and a very fuzzy hot dog in a lunch box). I am guessing these came from a Dillo Camp. Any teachers recognize them?

So far, Mrs. McB’s class and Mrs. Laxton’s class are leading in returned items. (Hooray, they had names on them! Boo-hoo, they are losing things already.) Before jacket season gets here, let’s start good habits of using the playground hooks and checking for things when leaving the playground and leaving school.

We do have a few new unlabeled arrivals.

Someone has lost SHOES already. I don’t know what to say (sigh…), please check your child’s feet each day to make sure they made it home with shoes?

Have a great week, and LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!

-Sandy Knight, Sharpie stockholder